A Word of Thank You

The men and women of the RCMP in BC take great pride in providing professional service to the communities they serve. It is reassuring for them to hear that they have made a difference in someone's life. If you have had a good experience with one of our RCMP members, units or detachments, we encourage you to email us about it in the official language of your choice at bcrcmp@rcmp-grc.gc.ca.

Mission, 2022-08-02


A few words of thanks to both Cst. Poirier and Cst. Oates from the Mission RCMP detachment.

My son has struggled with both Mental health and addiction issues for most of his adult life. Cst. Poirier and Cst. Oats have both been involved with him during the course of their duties more times than they can probably count and I would like to thank them for their incredible compassion and dedication to getting him the help he needs. As a mother this doesn’t always take the road I would like but they have been incredible at keeping me in the loop and allowing me to be a part of the process. Our Mental health care in BC has many gaps and they have worked hard to overcome those gaps and advocate for him and many others like him. I am sure our journey together is not over but I wanted to thank them officially for their hard work and dedication to some of our most vulnerable population and their families.

Words can not express my gratitude. You have both truly made a difference.

Carlisa Nesse (she/her)

North Cowichan/Duncan, 2022-07-25

Dear Members of the Detachment,

I wanted to take the time to thank all of you formally and to acknowledge Officer Wes Richens for his assistance on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. I really can't tell you how good it felt to see Officer Richens put his cruiser behind me and my little Smart car to help divert traffic on the Trans-Canada and keep me safe. My car suddenly, and at speed, lost its entire rear wheel, pitching me into a sudden stop in the driving lane. Those logging trucks and 18-wheelers looked very large as they whizzed by and I was very grateful they were able to avoid hitting me, my car and my wheel as it briefly lay in the passing lane.

I am glad every single one of you, in the office or out in the community, are doing your important work and I hope you find it meaningful. I am very conscious that many of you are ready to lay your physical safety (to the point of your potential death), on the line daily to protect me, everyone on the road, and society in general. I realize that the stress generated in your job puts your emotional and mental health on the line as well. This willingness to sacrifice makes you every-day heroes to me.

I extend this acknowledgment to the RCMP across Canada, as well. More people are willing to take the time to criticize than to acknowledge the great good the Force has done since its inception. It was a good opportunity for me to take that time.

I thank you all

Kind regards,
K. Clark

Kamloops, 2022-07-18

I just wanted to thank the officer who just stopped by my home to drop off my driver's license (18 July 2022, 1:30 pm).

I lost my license months ago, and, even though I cancelled it right away and replaced it, it was in the back of my mind wondering who might have it and what they might be doing with it. It actually turned up a ways away from where I lost it, so I especially appreciate that the officer took the time to run it in the system to make sure that it hadn't been used by anyone suspiciously since.

I'm sorry that I didn't get the officer's name or badge number, but I just wanted to say that I really appreciate him going out of his way to do this. Thank you so much!


Fort Nelson, 2022-07-12

Letter of Appreciation

It is with at most sincerity and gratitude that I am writing this letter.

On June 13th my family was up at Muncho Lake camping and my husband tripped over our dog’s lead and hit his leg/knee on a tree and was in excruciating pain. Panic set in as I have never heard anyone scream that way let alone my husband.

Constable Ryan Turple was camping a few spots down from us and came to help. Constable Turple showed amazing knowledge and knew right away not to move him and that his leg was broken. He secured his leg and made sure he was as comfortable as could be on the ground.

He took Allan’s vitals every 10 min and helped calm him down, me as well. Constable Turple was on his own holidays with his family but he stayed with us until the ambulance showed up (4 or 5 hrs later) and helped load him into the ambulance. Allan broke his leg just under his knee and ended up getting medevac’d.

It might not seem like much, but to our family we will always be grateful for his knowledge, companion and would like to express our deepest appreciation.

Thank you.

Allan and Rhonda

Lake Cowichan, 2022-06-21

Regarding Bruce Coles and Shannon Savinkoff of the Lake Cowichan Detachment: This is a very emotional note for me to compose because these two wonderful representatives of your Department along with the community members of Youbou, BC. quite literally have restored my faith in mankind. And I do not say this lightly. Briefly, on Tuesday, June 7, I found myself hopelessly stranded while straddling Shaw creek about 15 km northeast of Youbou. After 6 days of total isolation I was just about giving up hope of being found. On Sunday the 12th an equally lost but mobile family found me and notified the RCMP.

By late afternoon, Coles and Savinkoff arrived and extricated me from my dilemma. There is a lot more that was involved but I want this to be read. So how is it that they restored my Faith? God I hope that I do not get them into trouble…. They took me to the local Inn in Lake Cowichan to secure a room so that I could clean up and get some rest. I was a mess physically and emotionally. I had forgotten my wallet in my vehicle and had no cash, credit cards or ID. The clerk was not willing to give me a room without cash or ID. After some weird conversation with the clerk, Bruce Coles pulls out his personal credit card to pay for the room. Saying that he trusts me for it. This if from a man that I had just met two hours before.

I am 76 years old and have some mobility issues. Coles and Savinkoff walked me and my baggage to my room to make sure I was secure. They asked me if I was hungry and soon brought me a meal and beverage. Again on them. This time Savinkoff. It does not end here.

Next morning Bruce Coles shows up at 9 am to take me to an auto shop that will be able to help me retrieve my van. Oh yeah, we stop off on the way and he buys me breakfast. There is no way to express the emotion that I am experiencing while writing this. There is so much more to this story but I do not want to bore you. These two representatives of your agency were an integral part of this community that literally saved my physical and emotion life. I know because… I am a retired Peace Officer after 30 years of service. And I do not know that I have ever met anyone in our vocation that would go this far beyond the call of duty. I am not a religious man, but these two were my Angels when I needed them.

Very sincerely,
Richard Rose
Portland, Oregon

Yahk, 2022-06-21


I want to pass on my appreciation for one of your officers that I had the opportunity to meet yesterday. My wife and I were travelling back from a vacation in the Slocan Valley area on June 20. We were coming through Yahk, BC and into the intersection of Hwy 3 and Hwy 95 at 14:50 hrs. I was driving over the posted speed limit, unaware at the time. The officer signalled that I needed to stop, and so I pulled over to a rest stop across the highway adjacent to the truck weigh scale. The officer was very professional, and while fulfilling his duties, was able to put me at ease while making me aware of my mistake. I very much appreciate his style of service to the public and his method of handling the situation. I was definitely in the wrong, and he went above and beyond to make me aware of the law, my current situation and the importance of safe driving on BC (and all public) roads. The officer's name is S. Chaloske (or could be Schalcoske). Badge # SW 13 -based out of Cranbrook BCHP.

I hope you can pass on my appreciation to this officer for his very skilled handling of the situation and for doing his job and making me appreciate the very important work that the RCMP do to keep our roadways and communities safe for all to enjoy.

Grant Fleming

Ladysmith, 2022-06-16

This is Nate LaBine from ambulance 159J2 from Ladysmith.

Today at 1610 me and my partner were called to an event regarding a young lady with a developmental disorder. Often during these situations, our crews are tasked with talking down citizens having an emotional emergency, but we were not required in this case.

The attending officer [JLG] (a constable I believe but cannot recall) was calm, kind, and supportive to the young woman. Even though she was initially resistant to aid, she responded incredibly well to the patient and reassuring tone of this officer. He took responsibility for her wellness, and I suspect his actions prevented a violent outbreak from reoccurring.

Well done. You are the man.

Nate and Drew from Ladysmith

Coquitlam, 2022-05-03


Just wanted to pass along a big thank you to a Coquitlam RCMP officer D. Nand.

We were at Lions Park on Saturday April 16 in Port Coquitlam for my sons 4th birthday party - a police/fire/rescue themed party as he loves and idolizes first responders.

The officer was doing a patrol/walk thru park and my son chased after him to talk to a real police officer.

D. Nand was fantastic, he made the time and extra effort to walk us back to his police car where he handed out stickers, allowed my son and his friends to see the police cruiser, and of course turned the lights on for the kids.

Amazing public service and attention to the community was demonstrated.

Please pass on a big thank you to D. Nand and the extra mile he went here to make his day extra special.

I hope that you and the rest of RCMP knows the community appreciates all that you do (it can't be easy dealing with some of the situations you are forced to deal with).

Appreciate the extra effort that was put in.

Thank you!

JN, CN, and LN

West Kelowna, 2022-05-02

Good afternoon,

I wanted to pass on a review for the West Kelowna location.

I had theft at my property and contacted the West Kelowna RCMP to assist with the situation. The team was prompt to investigate, and the matter was resolved instantly. Their communication was punctual and professional. I am thankful for your efforts. I feel that we as a community and a business are fortunate to have the West Kelowna RCMP here to serve and protect in such a positive way. Cant say thank you enough.

Curt Schlosser
Granite Developments

Prince George, 2022-04-05


I live in Prince George BC. I had a mishap with my groceries flying out of the back hatch of my suv. Thank goodness no one was hurt. Im taking my Jeep in asap to get the latch sensor looked at. A kind RCMP Officer blocked off the lane and told me he will assist by picking up my Rice Krispie squares that were all over the road. Another man came to help collect my items while I backed up my vehicle to the food.

I was so embarrassed. With the help Of this officer and man I was able to get almost all of my items back very quickly.

Here is the post I put on our shout out page in Prince George.

Hell Yeah Prince George tweet sent by Rebecca Mackie at 8:30 - Shout out to the man and RCMP officer that helped me get my groceries off the road on Ospika this afternoon.  The latch on my suv must not have clicked fully?! Anyways, gload no one was hurt or vehicle damaged from fly away groceries! Sadly, the Costco lasagna, blackberries and a few other items didn't make it.

Rebecca Mackie

Kamloops, 2022-04-05

April 1, 2022, RCMP were called at 15:00 to [address] in Kamloops BC. 2 officers responded, as well as CAR 40 for a transport to hospital due to aggression.

I am writing this to say that we, as a business who deals with vulnerable adults with cognitive disabilities, had an excellent experience. Events like this can have a detrimental effect to our individuals served if not handled in an appropriate way, and the outcome could have been incredibly traumatic to the gentleman needing assistance- RCMP assistance is always a last resort in our residential home due to this. All officers who responded were incredibly kind and patient with our individual in crisis, all officers involved made a visible effort to use people first language when speaking about disability, and they spoke to him in a way that was respectful, patient and kind despite him not being able to comprehend the conversation taking place. The constable working with the car 40 nurse was exceptionally great and did a fantastic job in keeping the individual calm, using appropriate language, providing reassurance and support to the individual and having him be a willing participant in his transport. I am incredibly grateful for the handlings by the RCMP officers and the Interior Health Nurse who attended the scene, and just wanted to take a moment to pass the appreciation and recognition along and say thank you to the officers who attended! I do not remember their names, but they all did an excellent job.

K. Ingram

Duncan, 2022-02-14

Thumbnail of thank you letter to Duncan

To the city of Duncan,

I wanted to say a great big thank you to the police officers, firemen paramedics and every essential worker for all their hard work for keeping your citizens in Duncan very safe. You all have worked so hard on keeping Duncan safe during the hard and challenging times with Covid-19. We all work together as a team such as police, firemen, paramedics and every essential working has done avery great job on making a living together. Thank you so much for all of your hard work for keeping Duncan safe. Keep up the good work. You're doing a great job and I hope that Covid will come to an end soon. Thank you.

Thank you Duncan. City of Totems.

Nanaimo, 2022-02-11

Handwritten thank you letter

To the Nanaimo RCMP,

I just wanna say thank you. A great big thank you for taking care of our citizens in Nanaimo. All of you officers have worked so hard on keeping everybody in Nanaimo safe and happy. We all have worked very hard together as a team such as police, firement, paramedics, nurses, health care and essential workers all over Canada, and everywere all around the world to make a living during those hard times with Covid 19. I know that it's been a very hard and challenging 2 years living with Covid 19, but you all worked very hard on stopping the spread of Covid 19. I hope that Covid comes to an end real soon. Kepp up the great work and good job. Thank you so much.

Williams Lake, 2022-02-02

Hi Cpl. Squire,

I would like to thank the Williams Lake RCMP for their calm and professional service during the break-in incident at our pharmacy the night of Feb. 1, and the following day. Cpl. Squires who attended the break-in, and the officers who followed up the next day when DG arrived, were calm, professional, and respectful to our employees as well as DG. They picked him up quietly and without incident. The offender is a vulnerable man with numerous personal challenges, and while I wasn't thrilled that our business was broken into, I appreciated the care and respect that he was shown by the RCMP.

Our community is fortunate to have RCMP officers that approach and manage a wide variety of challenges and situations with such respect, humility and professionalism.

David & staff at Kornak & Hamm's Pharmacy

Sechelt, 2022-01-31

I want to send out big hugs and thank you to the Sechelt RCMP and the other emergency response teams from the area and the people to help my husband on January 17th 2022 when my husband crashed our vehicle in the ditch on highway 101 by Halfmoon Bay area early in the morning.
I want to thank all you wonderful people for helping my husband and just so very grateful my husband is still here with us. Unfortunately our vehicle is not.
Great job everyone ❤️❤️

Sarah Newbie

Parksville, 2022-01-04

I would just like to send in a kudos to the RCMP officer that pulled me over last night. I was driving a young girl home from work and had forgotten to turn my headlights on. She was very nervous when she realized we were being pulled over. I had immediately realized it was my headlights so was not worried. The male officer came up and very nicely said "It would be easier to see if you turned your lights on" and then we both had a good laugh. His way of handling the situation made a huge impression on the young girl that I was driving home as she commented on it the rest of the way home. Whoever that officer was I would like to thank you for making a difference in our community.


Richmond, 2021-12-15

Please call me Peter. Constable Woojin, I wanted to thank you for your fast attendance on the scene and that your forensic team (Cst. Joseph Liu) was already on site today. I have always been a fan of the Richmond detach and again you’ve earned my thanks.

The Canada Post carrier was able to re-lock the box but it is so damaged that we will still proceed with a stop mail order and get it repaired. Your forensic team member, whose name I didn’t get was also very kind and apologized that he didn’t find anything – which you and I discussed, so I explained we had little hope.

Regardless, that you all made the effort is greatly appreciated by all of us in the building. Please pass on my thanks again to everyone.

If you need any information at any time – please don’t hesitate to call and if you’re ever in the area and need a coffee don’t hesitate to call. It’s on me. Peter.

Pemberton, 2021-11-30

I want to commend two Constables in the Pemberton detachment. (Const.Courtney and Const. Sullivan)

On November 25th my son was trying to leave Abbotsford through Pemberton to return to Kelowna. The road was closed and he stayed in a hotel in Pemberton.

On Friday, November 26th, our son was having a medical emergency in the hotel. Constable Courtney came to the hotel and called for medical assistance. When my son was taken to the hospital Constable Courtney took responsibility for the care of my son’s dog. His support of my son and his communication with me was exemplary.

On Saturday November 27th Constable Sullivan assumed responsibility for the dog and took her to the WAG shelter. His help and communication with me were also exemplary.

We deeply appreciate the support these two men have provided to our son and to us.

Glenn and Sandi Allison

Ridge Meadows, 2021-11-03

I just want to give thanks and say, I have a lot more respect for the RCMP now.

Solely based on the way Cst. E. Lemire interacted with me and my dad (Last night/ early this morning) while I was making a statement.

Usually my PTSD/anxiety would have been triggered and very overwhelming. But he didn’t make me feel unsafe or uncomfortable or scared. He was patient when I needed a minute to walk away. I actually feel safer now. He is truly a good man, and I’m happy knowing he is one of the ‘good ones’ keeping us safe.

I’d give him 5/5 stars and can say it’s the best experience I’ve ever had with RCMP. (I’ve had a recent bad interaction with another Ridge Meadows RCMP officer so I didn’t have much faith in you guys).

But my faith is now restored so thank you! Mr. Lemire!!


Sidney, 2021-11-04

This is a big rave to the Sidney RCMP officer who was out in front of Sidney Elementary this morning (November 3, 2021) at 8:40 a.m. monitoring traffic in the pouring rain and damp chilly West Coast weather. After dropping off my children, I walked past him in order to get into my vehicle and I neglected to say what I was thinking, which was: thank you for keeping the kids in our community safe during school drop-off/pick-up – your dedication (rain or shine) is appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

A grateful parent,
Lyndsay Wallace

McBride, 2021-11-02

Hello, I just wanted to tell everyone, especially to the supervisors of McBride, BC detachments supervisors, how officer Colin Bissell saved my life.

I am a long distance cyclist who is on a world tour at the moment. As I came down south from Alaska and cycling east bound on Highway 16 between Prince George and McBride, BC, there was vicious weather. Rain and extremely high winds. There were no where to hide on that road as I was getting closer to McBride. You couldn’t cycle anymore as I was pedaling against the wind. And it was very hard to walk even. This wind was very strong. I was out in the open for 6 hours in the rain and against this extreme wind. Despite I had all waterproof clothing, I began getting wet. And the temperature was minus 3. I began shaking from cold. I knew I was about to get hypothermia. Cell phone coverage was down most of the way, but I tried one more time and I called 911.

Canadian RCMP police dispatcher was very helpful. She told me to stay at my location on the road. And little later officer Colin Bissell arrived. He was so sincere, so helpful. Right-a-way he took my bicycle and panniers and loaded them into back of the unit truck. He turned the heat to maximum in his police unit. He knew I was shaken. He then took me to a hotel in McBride, BC. I have never met an officer who was so helpful. I will never forget. I really think if the phone hadn’t worked that night. I probably would have been dead from hypothermia. He saved my life. Colin Bissell is a great guy.

Fatih Aksoy

Upper Fraser Valley, 2021-10-31

I would like to commend Cst. Fuller of the Upper Fraser Valley division. Of the few times I’ve been pulled over I never have dealt with a more professional, personable and polite police officer, an absolute class act. It is clear that Cst. Fuller is in the right career and enjoys his work. I drove away with a ticket (that I deserved) however I have not always been treated so decently as I was by this constable which is why I’m writing this commendation. I would hope that this reaches Cst. Fuller and that he continues on doing the great work he is doing and keeping drivers accountable while maintaining a respectful attitude and treating people fairly.

A. Pozemko 

Golden, 2021-10-06

I want to thank your officers for their quick and friendly response. I reported my son missing. I am a 74 year old mom living in Ontario trying desperately to find my son. I spoke with both Constable Fraser and Corporal Sovio of the Golden B C detachment. They located a Calgary Police Officer who had given my son directions to a shelter. I had a brief conversation with him hopefully he will get the help he needs (depression) I have never needed this help before and was very happy with these officers. Please thank them for me.

Sharon Stubbington

Nanaimo, 2021-10-04

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Sgt. Rob Graves and the Nanaimo RCMP for their support at our paving site last night.

The Hub City Paving crew returned to the Island Highway for the first time since a terrible traffic incident took the life of one of our crew members and injured a Traffic Control colleague last week.

An RCMP officer and cruiser were present within the worksite and provided support from the point of traffic calming as well as a sense of security for the crews.

Your consideration was very much appreciated.

Thank you again from all of us at Hub City Paving


Vernon, 2021-09-12

I would like to reach out and say thank you to your amazing staff who responded this afternoon at VUPC. We are thankful for the ability to work with the officers effectively, and to be able have a smooth transition for the client. The officers’ trauma informed care approach was a huge part in the success with this client and our team today greatly appreciated it.

Our sincere thanks,

(A Registered Nurse from Vernon Urgent and Primary Care)

Surrey, 2021-09-20

To, The Team of RCMP, BC.

Through this email, I would like to share my note of Thanks & Appreciation to Cst. Mousavi. The incident that happened yesterday was daunting and I am still heeling from the physical injury and dealing with the emotional distress and trauma. This may take some time as well as support to get back to Normal.

This is the Third time, I have contacted or reported something to the Canadian Police Force since May 2019. Out of the all the Three incidents happened to me in past, I have never experienced such consideration and supportiveness, like what was provided to me by Cst. Mousavi yesterday, September 3, 2021. In the past Incidents, wherein I Crucially required Police’s help, I have ALWAYS experienced extreme disappointment. I have experienced that some of the Officers have tendency/inclination towards certain standards/protocols, even if they significantly undermines the Victim’s Interest/Complaint. However, yesterday Ms. Mousavi was Considerate enough to understand, what I (Victim) might be going through from that incident, and provide me the Relief or the Resolution that I most required at that point-of-time. It was good 3 hours spent in resolving the incident – both tracking the suspect and recovering my phone. Throughout those 3 hours, she has been supportive by ensuring that the interest of victim is not undermined because of any such protocols/standards.

She was also supportive to Proactively guide me through the right non-emergency services that she could realise are of necessity to me in that situation.

The only concern that would remain from this case is that the Bad Elements able to escape from the appropriate consequences of what they did Intentionally. This Robbery has been daunting and emotionally disturbing for me, it will take some time for me to re-gain the confidence of walking/cycling freely and with confidence on the streets of Newton area. I was BOTH Physically and Emotionally injured. Nevertheless, there will be always be a positive thought in my mind that there are Officer like Ms. Mousavi in the Newton area. The belief that the Officers like Ms. Mousavi shall be handling the cases supportively and considerately, whenever the need be, will certainly help in re-gaining the confidence faster!

Our society needs more Officers, People/Humans like Ms. Mousavi.

@ Cst. Mousavi: Thank you! I might not have ever had re-gained the confidence in the ‘Police’ Forces in Canada, had someone like you was not handling my case yesterday. Keep up the good work, wherever you may go in future. Thank you, once again for being You!

Sincerely, CJ.S.

Quesnel 2021-09-14

I would like to thank Cst. McGreger and commend him for his help and professionalism when I had an accident with my car and trailer, just south of Hixon on Saturday September 11th. It was a stressful event and he, plus the other first responders managed the whole situation so well.

Many, many thanks.
Joan Tod

Naramata 2021-09-07

I, along with two passengers were involved in a car accident on August 23, 2021 in Penticton, BC. The three of us were injured and taken to hospital by ambulance. As you can imagine, it was a stressful, chaotic time but we were all most thankful for the officer who was at the scene, Cpl. Brent Huff of the Penticton Detachment. Brent was calm, and provided us with clear, helpful and appropriate information. He was efficient yet took the time to be considerate and caring. Many thanks from us.


Surrey 2021-08-30

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing with a huge thank you to the officers assisting with finding one of our cyclists yesterday in a Cancer ride throughout Surrey.

I am a longtime volunteer of charity events helping with the wellbeing of cyclists for mechanical support. On this day, I took the sweep of the ride from Delta to 192nd and Hwy 10 back to Delta..

Diane Lynch was part of a group of 30 plus cyclists who raised over $100,000 this past year for the BC Cancer Agency and set out to cycle 100 km. During this ride, Diane was being leapfrogged by vehicle to guide her back onto the course after becoming lost. She was not interested in taking a break in a vehicle to get back on course. We recharged her phone in the vehicle and somehow became separated from her in between roads. After 15 minutes of trying to locate her in all directions, we nervously scoured the ditches on 40th avenue heading east to 168th where we last clearly saw her. She was within 100 meters of us.

Approximately 11:45 am I called the non-emergency line of the Surrey RCMP and was assured they would help us. Within a few moments, Constable Marshall contacted me to follow up on information regarding Diane. Not long after, I was contacted by Constable Sutherland to provide us with the finding and whereabouts of Diane.

She had somehow travelled off course again. Without knowing her abilities as we just met earlier that day, the fear of her losing control into a ditch, seemed all too much a possibility.

This email highlights the many positives that the RCMP are involved in numerous times a day. Yet, we only seem to hear of a negative story when reported.

Thank you for the attentive reaction when help was needed and requested. Thank you for the professionalism of the officers.

Thank you to the phone attendant and Constables Marshall and Sutherland for looking after us !

The file number for this was 21-131309 Would be great for recognition to be given to those involved, as their contributions meant so much.

Take care
Rob Wright

Outer Gulf Islands 2021-07-28

I just wanted to say thank you for the incredible service I received from the Outer Gulf Islands detachment on July 22. I live near Ottawa and called to ask if it was possible to have someone check in on my 87-year-old mother living on Galiano Island. The constables that went out to check on her were unbelievably kind and understanding. They went above and beyond in making sure everything was ok with my mother. I have always had a good impression of the RCMP but they were exceptionally helpful. Just wanted to say thank you.


Salmon Arm 2021-07-28

Top of the hat to the Salmon Arm RCMP Detachment who took the time to respond to our concerns.

My husband and I got very concerned when we tried calling my brother in Salmon Arm July 13th and 14th.

I called my brother in Kelowna and he didn't hear from him either. I called the RCMP Detachment in Salmon Arm who dispatched a constable to my brother's place as a wellness check. As it turns out, my brother had shut his answering machine off which triggered the busy signal on his phone. As my husband and I live in Campbell River, it is not easy to make the trip any time we feel like it.

We can't thank the Salmon Arm RCMP Detachment and the dispatch clerk enough for going out of
their way to make sure my brother was OK.

K.M. & M.M.

Langford 2021-07-23


Two constables came last night (July 2, 2021) to deal with our grandson who was threatening to harm himself. The amount of calm and caring demonstrated by the 2 officers - Cst. Owen and his partner [Cpl. Koutougos], left us grateful and much impressed.

We'd like to offer many thanks for their great service,

Gail & Ron, Colwood

Langley 2021-07-14

I've lived in Langley since 2009. It's a small all owners-building on a quiet street. I've always really liked my neighbourhood and living in Langley.

In recent years, the person in the suite next to me has caused countless troubles, many of which have involved the RCMP, EMS, Fire and City Bylaws.

These events have escalated and escalated unit recently. In a series of events, I was put in touch with the Langley Strike Force and Drugs Section teams.

After a few long conversations, sharing some video footage, existing police files and a statement, these teams were able to get a warrant and search the unit.

[A members on the Langley Strike Force] has also been helping make any suggestions on what we can do to further aid us in this process.

After reading the news today, and seeing the article that shed some light on what was actually removed from the property, I was almost without words.

All the uniformed officers that have come when we've called, deserve a pat on the back but the Strike Force and Drug Section teams really pulled together to do some big things in a very short timeframe.

We still have a journey ahead of us with this unit but the recent efforts have made a huge impact on our success with our pending lawsuits and also our safety.

I feel like I may never have been connected with [the Langley Strike Force] without the assistance of [the Surrey Robbery Unit] and while he isn't a member of the Langley Detachment, he and his team have been amazing to work with and I'm so, so thankful for everything they've done.

I honestly feared for my safety over the last several months and even with this heat, I can honestly say I've slept better the last few nights than I have in a very long time.

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you want I'm happy to have a chat with anyone who needs to hear that we, as a building community, say Thank you!!


Chilliwack 2021-07-11

Hello! I was two cars behind an RCMP officer in car UF2011 around 12:45pm today driving north on Vedder Road in Chilliwack. There is an area where Canada geese like to cross the busy road and often they just start walking across the street - the RCMP officer had slowed down and stopped and while they were crossing he/she had his car lights flashing as an alert for other drivers to be aware of the geese crossing. I just think this was such a nice thing to do, as too many of these geese get hit. I think that when cars are stopped on the road with no apparent reason to the cars behind them, to see a police light flashing is a great way to alert people to be cautious. He/she didn't have to do this but I just really appreciated it. Made my day! Keep up the good work protecting our community (all creatures great and small!)

Michelle Ambrose

Sea to Sky 2021-07-08

Our team runs a very busy recreation area in the Sea To Sky Corridor. Sometimes things in our park can get so busy and visitors can become overly passionate or difficult for us to de-escalate from a concern. When that happens we usually need an extra hand or two to ensure public safety and conservation rules are held up by all our visitors. So far in the 2021 season we’ve called on the Squamish RCMP a couple times to help with some heated issues within our park and on all occasions we’ve seen friendly and SUPER knowledgeable officers show up very fast to support us! We can’t thank our local officers enough for always helping keep our area a fun and friendly place for locals and tourists alike to share!

Sea to Sky Parks

Canada-USA Border 2021-06-29

An appreciative shoutout to the RCMP on the Canada US border along avenue zero this Sunday. They were efficient , professional and careful with everyone re-entering Canada. Every person was checked, every bag got a look and everyone was treated the same way. Monitoring avenue zero on an unusually hot day cannot have been what they signed up for but they should be proud of themselves. Many thanks.



Coquitlam 2021-05-27

Hello, my dog was sick all morning so I had to take her outside to poo at 330am and at 445 am this morning. I forgot my keys the second time and live in the condo across the street from the police station on Burlington Drive in Coquitlam. The fobs for the building only work for your specific floor. Nobody on the intercom is identified by floor otherwise I could have tried buzzing ppl. But probably not a good idea around 5 am.

It was poring rain, my poor tiny dog in my arms shivering. I'm in my pajama shorts and sandals. I start crying, unsure what to do as my live in bf is away. I have no phone on me either. I see a policeman just starting his shift pulling out of the station across the street. After only 10 mins he was able to help me and escort me back into my building and into my apartment.

He was SO KIND and compassionate. I am so grateful to him and all the police who protect me daily. People don't understand how your lives are in danger every day, but I do. And I appreciate everything you do for us. I can't thank that policeman enough for helping me right away at 5 am in the rain, crying, probably looking like a crazy lady lol.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope he gets this message, although I do not know his name.

Warm regards,



Terrace 2021-04-16

This is one of the reasons we love our local Terrace RCMP. I would gladly offer my life for my family; while RCMP sacrifice theirs for strangers. Well done.

Terrace Standard article: Terrace RCMP officers recognized for acts of bravery

Maggie Jo



North Vancouver 2021-03-29

Hello -- I live in Victoria, but listened to the interview which Supt. Bayani gave to the Vancouver CBC radio station this afternoon.

I was so impressed and gratified to hear his words -- they were reassuring and empathetic -- but at the same time, they were factual and didn't gloss over any of the difficult areas.

I was also very glad for the people of North Vancouver at the approach that your whole detachment has taken, in being present in-person and accessible to ordinary citizens. This pro-active approach will deepen your contact and provide opportunities for direct engagement with the community in this very difficult time.

I was very proud of Supt Bayani and the detachment's approach -- professional and human at the same time.

Thank you very much,

Irwin Henderson
Victoria, BC



Kelowna, 2021-03-16

Sending a sincere and heartfelt Thank You to Cst. Smith who went over and above his duty and surpassed expectations.

We are grateful for the care, kindness and additional time Constable Smith took in an effort to assure the family and put everyone at ease that everything possible that could have been done, had been done in a tough incident Officers were called to help out with.

We are so appreciative and proud to know that genuinely caring and compassionate RCMP Officers like Constable Smith are hard at work to serve and protect the community.

We appreciate you and your team Constable Smith.

With Warm Regards,
M. Makortoff

Dawson Creek, 2021-02-03

Dear Police
I would like to thank you for your job for protecting this city and saving the lives of its citizens.

Dear Police I would like to thank you for your job for protecting this city and saving the lives of its citizens.

Westshore, 2021-01-22

Thumbnail of letter sent to Westshore RCMP

Westshore RCMP,

I was nervous about staying with you guys during my trip to the island, but I wanted to let you know that I appreciated how helpful and kind everyone was.

Especially the 4 jailors who do a tough job and are often under appreciated by the people in their care. You make a difference.

Thank you for your care and kindness while I was in your custody. :)

4 1/2 stars ;)

100 Mile House, 2021-01-20

Thumbnail of letter sent to 100 mile house

Dear 100 Mile House RCMP Officers, and civilian employees,

In the past months our world has thanked medical professionals and front line workers for their effort to help us navigate this pandemic, and rightfully so they have been an incredible support and helped save countless lives. Yet we feel you have been under appreciated, and under thanked. We know that you have been tirelessly protecting us. That many of you have risked being infected with COVID. We recognize that during this pandemic you didn’t stop risking your lives in all of the ways you normally do to protect us, but you also were facing a virus we didn’t know a lot about.

You protected our community, especially the vulnerable in the same way you always have. Your entire detachment has cared for the 100 Mile House area while being honest to the character and the behaviour that makes the RCMP great. You have had incredible integrity as you uphold the laws, and been incredibly professional even as hurtful words have been spoken to or about you. You have had compassion and respect for all members of the community especially the vulnerable.

It's clear to us that you deserve a lot more than a letter saying thank you. However we still feel it is important for us to write this letter and say thank you. Thank you for being consistent regardless of circumstances. Thank you for protecting those who can’t protect themselves. For caring even when you’re tired. Thank you for not changing your standards this past year. Thank you for being who you are. From the bottom of our hearts we want you to know that we support you. That we stand with you, and that we are inspired by your actions.

Kind Regards,

Carter Froese on behalf of CCLF Youth Group

With you and for you.

Ashcroft, 2021-01-18


I'm hoping you have the ability to forward this email to (a ccnstable), I believe he is in the Ashcroft BC detatchment. (720 Elm St. Ashcroft BC) I cannot make out the signature, possible R.Aly, or R.Ash...

I am a class 1 and 6 license holder, certified commercial vehicle inspector, and have managed to keep my 7 year driver abstract clear despite the high mileage that I make in a year.

I just paid the minor speeding ticket I received 2 days ago from this officer. I am well aware of ever increasing challenges in Policing, Public/Media relations, and the unique challenges that Covid presents in 2021.

I would like to state, quite simply. The officers conduct/professionalism and courtesy is impeccable. Receiving a ticket was as pleasant as it can possibly be. I feel when it comes to the police, people behave similarly to reviewers on Amazon. As in more likely to take the effort to write a bad review than a good one when everything is working fine.

So for a change here is praise, and I hope that the officer finds a path to a training role, as his methods are smooth and seamless and a lot can be learned from his conduct.

Thank you, safe policing and kind regards from our family in Prince George BC.

I. P.

thumbnail of letter of thanks written by John and Eileen

Southeast District 2021-01-05

Sir or Madam

On December 29, 2020, my husband and I had our first car accident after over 60 year of driving (each)! Luckily a police officer, assigned to crime detail, was passing and quickly turned around and came to our aid! We are seniors, and were shaken but not hurt, and not too familiar with accident procedure. This officer was kind, patient and very helpful, and took a lot more care than was his job! He even drove us to the dealership to wait for damage results. Our adult "kids" laughed about Dad sitting in the "cage" of a patrol car. This officer did not leave us until he was sure we were O.K. We want to commend him for his kindness. Kudos to Cst. Mark Macaulay. He is our hero!!!!

John and Eileen

Sheridan Lake 2021-01-03

Dear Sir/Madam

Yesterday (January 2nd, 2021 at 5:30 pm.) I was traveling westbound on Highway 24 approaching Lone Butte. Due to uncertain road conditions (ice and snow) and dirty headlights that I have since cleaned, I was traveling about 10 kmh under the speed limit. I was pulled over for a traffic check by an RCMP Officer who wondered if there was anything wrong. I spoke with him briefly and continued on my way.

I was very impressed that the manner of the stop, the professionalism and the concern expressed by the officer.

A routine stop for sure, but one that makes the community proud of the policing service offered by the RCMP. Please place this letter of commendation on the officer’s file.

Best Regards,
Wayne Cope

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