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2022-03-03 15:11 PST

File # 2022 Neighborhood Safety Audits

Last year, Nanaimo RCMP worked in collaboration with the City of Nanaimo as well as Vancouver Island University’s Criminology Practicum Students to conduct 6 Neighborhood Safety Audits. In total, 746 residents and businesses partook in the program voicing concerns that helped implement effective strategies to reduce crime and increase public feelings of safety. Neighborhood Safety Audits allow residents and businesses to have an opportunity to share their experiences and perceptions of crime in their neighborhoods. These types of audits are being used increasingly across North America and have been effective in engaging residents and reducing fear and frustration around community safety concerns and supporting resiliency.

This project will benefit neighborhoods in a variety of ways. By allowing residents to voice their experiences with neighborhood crime, residents will be able to directly influence the direction of the project. This will help to create a stronger cooperative relationship between these neighborhoods and the Nanaimo RCMP. It will also help create familiarity amongst members of these neighborhoods, as they work together to identify crime in their area. Findings from a Safety Audit can help police and decision makers identify priorities and incorporate crime prevention measures that can directly target these areas, leading to safer and healthier neighborhoods.

The data collected from the Safety Audits provides a real-time snap shot of safety issues that are impacting the participating neighborhoods. In turn, it allows us, to address the real issues, instead of what the police perceive the issues to be, said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

This year’s project will again be headed by the Nanaimo Community Policing Program with the support of Criminology Practicum Students and the Nanaimo RCMP. Over the next coming months, residents of the Diver Lake and Vancouver Island University Neighborhoods will be engaged through an online survey and a physical audit of the most challenging areas identified in the neighborhoods. This data will then be analyzed to identify issues in that community and the potential strategies that can be implemented to create positive change and increase community resilience.

The safety audits shed light on unreported issues in the community and give opportunity for police to fully understand the impact of crime on communities and their residents. This allows for implementation of the most effective and efficient strategies tailored to that neighborhood, Audits are dependent on community involvement so it is highly encouraged that if you live in the Diver Lake or Vancouver Island University areas to voice your concerns and experiences.

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The following link provides information on the 2021 Neighborhood Safety Audits     

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