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In the first week of June 2022, the Nanaimo RCMP responded to 987 calls for service. Of those, 50 percent consisted of the following: Disturbances, Suspicious Persons/ Vehicles, Check Well-Being, Unwanted Persons, Traffic, and Theft. The remaining calls ranged from Drugs, Assist Other Agencies, Abandoned 911, Break and Enters, Breach of Peace, Harassment, Alarms and Mischief.

It is important to recognize that during this time period, while more disturbances were reported (99) than Check Well Being (86), Check Well Being calls are a priority call for service. Typically, Check Well-Being calls may involve individuals who are in the throws of any number of addictions, they may be marginalized due to a lack of appropriate housing, or have untreated mental health and/or medical issues. As a result, these calls are sensitive in nature, time consuming, and often require multiple officers and agencies to respond for a successful resolution, said Constable Gary O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP.

The following provides a snap shot of just some of the calls our officers responded to during this period of time.

Nanaimo file # 2022-18495 Check Well-Being. Just before 8 AM on June 1, police and EHS responded to a report of an adult man lying on the sidewalk on Terminal Ave in central Nanaimo. Officers were able to rouse the man, who appeared to be a little drowsy from possible drug usage. Overall though he was fine. He was helped to his feet and declined medical treatment. He walked around to show the officers that he was ok and then left on foot. Officers suspect the man had passed out after consuming street drugs that fortunately for him, were not toxic.

Nanaimo file # 2022-18470 Check Well-Being. Just after midnight on June 1, officers responded to a call to assist EHS in downtown Nanaimo with a despondent man who was in the midst of a significant mental health crisis. When officers arrived, the individual begged to be admitted to hospital for treatment. Without any hesitation he was transported to the Nanaimo hospital where he received the treatment he so desired and needed.

Nanaimo file # 2022-1866 Theft from vehicle. Sometime overnight on June 2, a purse was stolen from an unlocked vehicle parked on Gardasen Way. The purse contained credit cards, passports, BCDL, BC Health Cards and children’s birth certificates. Forty-five percent of all theft from vehicles are from vehicles that are unlocked.

Nanaimo file # 2022-18804 Unwanted Person. At approximately 11:30 AM on Friday June 3, officers responded to a business in north Nanaimo for a report of a woman who had been in their washroom for over 30 minutes, and was refusing to leave. Due to other priority calls for service, police could respond for an hour after receiving the initial call. When officers arrived, they were given a key from the manager to allow them access. Even with the key, officers had to force their way in to the washroom. After ensuring the woman was not in medical distress, she was, against her strenuous objections,removed from inside. Officers remained on scene for another 15 minutes while she packed up all of her belongings that had been strewn about. Eventually she left on her own accord.

Nanaimo file # 2022-19138 Suspicious Person/Vehicle. At approximately 8 PM on Sunday June 5, two youths reported that they had been followed by an unknown person driving a small dark car and wearing a green balaclava. The youths told police they were walking along Rosstown Road when the vehicle drove past the first time. They watched as the driver pulled a U-turn and came back towards them. The driver passed them again then made another U-turn. The girls became concerned for their safety, decided to run towards a path that had a gate which would could not be accessed by the vehicle. Officers conducted patrols for the vehicle with no success.

Nanaimo file # 2022-19117 Theft from Vehicle. The owner of a Ford van called to report that her catalytic converter had been stolen from her vehicle. The vehicle was parked on the Duke Point HW near the ferry terminal, and the theft occurred sometime between Friday June 3rd and Sunday June 5th. Her vehicle was driveable but very loud.

If you have information on a crime that does not constitute an emergency, please call the Nanaimo RCMP non-emergency line at 250-754-2345.

Did you know that 80 percent of all 911 calls are not considered to be an emergency. If you are reporting an emergency consider the following before dialing 911

Please remember, if you accidentally dial 911 stay on the line and advise the call-taker. If the call-taker cannot reach you, the police will be required to send an officer which means they cannot respond to other calls for service

Did you know that crimes can also be reported on line. The following can be reported from the comfort of your home:

Please note, the following cannot be reported on-line:

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